SC Compliance Ltd's main area of focus is the successful mitigation of bribery & corruption risk.

The key aspects of compliance programmes which SC Compliance Ltd advises on includes:

  • Risk Assessment (design, implementation and interpretation of findings);
  • Policy Amendment and Development;
  • Third Party Risk Management (designing due diligence procedures, developing due diligence teams, performing enhanced due diligence and advising on risk appetite);
  • Gifts, Hospitality and Entertainment Controls (defining thresholds for pre-clearance, developing recording methods, reporting key metrics and communicating expectations to employees and third parties);
  • Designing Communication and Training Programmes (defining the audience, identifying gaps in understanding, developing targeted training material, identifying appropriate channels to engage individuals, delivering face-to-face training, designing e-learning courses and monitoring attendance uptake); and
  • Monitoring/Assurance (utilising risk assessment findings to develop risk based monitoring plans, scoping monitoring visits, performing monitoring visits and recommending mitigating solutions following monitoring visits).

In any assignment, SC Compliance Ltd endeavours to adopt a risk based approach, thus solutions differ depending on the risk and complexity of each client's business.

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